Fort ERie Fire Hall Central Ave Christmas Community Supper Fort Erie Ontario CAnada DEcember 2016


Fort ERie Fire Hall Central Ave Christmas Community Supper Fort Erie Ontario CAnada DEcember 2016

the idea girl says

you can see there’s a fair number of volunteers here in the kitchen getting prepared to feed 60 to 80 community supper attendees

The kids at our fort erie public school made the nice lovely “christmas theme”place mats.

we had fun trying to guess what some of them were… (pictures)

we sat for an hour looking at one that was red and black circles within each other and then she snaps her finger and goes “it’s a floor rug in front of the fireplace”

I thought it was something to hypnotize us… really just kidding!

Thank you students for making us chuckle and loved ALL of your art works!

The Turkey dinner was yummy and thank you to our cooks, and kitchens from local restaurant donators for making this a special meal for our community here in Fort ERie, Ridgeway, Crystal Beach and Stevensville, Ontario CAnada.



Public School Fort Erie Fire place eleves, windows christmas tree with kids around it lovely art work!

the idea girl says

what a dummy I am!

I should have SNAPPED photos of ALL the art work to share with you!

I didn’t realize what it was until it was too crowded there to do so

This was MY place mat.  I enjoyed looking at the nice art work, thank you to the little girl or boy that made my christmas dinner a special moment in time…




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