harry’s happy Antenna TV Dec 2016 Van McDonald, Tim, Jeff Tenbrinke, Linda Randall, Larry Randall, Linda Randall Chisholm photos


harry’s happy Antenna TV Dec 2016 Van McDonald, Tim, Jeff Tenbrinke, Linda Randall, Larry Randall, Linda Randall Chisholm photos

the idea girl says

one of the gifts Harry bought for himself was a TV Antenna for $6.99 at Value Village in Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada!

At first we only got 10 channels, than 7 channels and then I moved it since this photo and changed it all around the living room until I finally got it tuned into 17 channels!

FREE cable TV, sweet!

I have my Channel 2 WGRZ and Channel 4 NEWS from Buffalo New York USa which is nice and close to Fort Erie Weather. I find their weather news is more accurate than the Weather Channel and Accuweather Apps on my cell phone.

YOu see the little Merry Christmas Coasters?

On the left is my grandpa Van McDonald

in the middle is Tim and Jeff Tenbrinke my sons at a younger age sitting in a Flintstones Car at Universal Studios (I think?) in Florida, Usa. (they were on vacation with their dad years ago… i was bummed. I never been to florida!)


on the Right is a nice photo of me, my mom, and dad Linda & Larry Randall

We were on vacation in Ottawa, and we got to visit the parliament buildings and have lunch there. My father was invited for something. I didn’t pay attention to the speaker, or the event. I was in a bad mood, arguing with Mom. I wanted to TOUR the city, but she wouldn’t let me go out alone… lol   at age 32? yeah momma was protective!

my white christmas tree $1 from dollarama is cherished gift from my oldest son Tim Jr from years ago.  I still have it as a decoration which is unusual, I get rid of stuff every 6 months normally, but I’ve kept that keep sake….





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