Proposal Crystal Ridge Festival of Lights December 2017 Touring Route Idea Girl Canada – Linda Chisholm

Proposal Crystal Ridge Festival of Lights December 2017 Touring Route Idea Girl Canada – Linda Chisholm







the idea girl says

The Circles are the areas where people already have lots of Christmas Light displays to enjoy on their homes.

The Square is the proposed area where we can ADD a light display from Ridgeway to Crystal Beach touring christmas lights route…

I was emailing Orma about my idea to develop a “Christmas Light, Lasers and Music Display” to create a tourism area for the winter months .

I’d like to also expand it into Fort Erie along the Niagara Parkway in and around that circle area by OLd Fort Erie

It would be a one hour “lights” tour where people who visit the Christmas displays on Dufferin Island and the Niagara Parkway in Niagara Falls Ontario Canada will continue to drive down to Fort Erie, Ridgeway and Crystal Beach for a christmas light family drive.


It’s a tradition for my family and friends.

December 1st to January 1st we go for night time car rides to check out the christmas light displays on people’s houses, streets and commercial properties.

The Friendship Trail in Ridgeway on Ridge Rd is another area I’d like to see develop a “commercial street” of lights and animated characters.

If your as “old” as I am (50) you’ll remember the cool displays on Queen Street in Toronto Ontario Canada that would go along the Eatons Centre and it’s surrounding Retail Stores

thousand’s flocked to see the animations and window displays

they’d stop to shop, eat and go for a walk and ice skate on the big skating rink!

We could easily build an ice skating outdoor rink here in Crystal beach, along the lake erie shore line, add some parking (pay to park and build some cafe’s, restaurants, motels, hotels along the shoreline to add to a much needed tourist attraction.

I’d want to route the traffic to the main streets leaving the small pockets free of traffic because we do enjoy our peace and quiet.

Which is why I propose we do a light display around the cemetery area that enters crystal beach, to St Georges’ and all the way down to the Palmwood – Crystal BEach dock area

there’s ample parking there and public washrooms

there’s a bunch of restaurants down on Erie Rd that usually close for the winter months due to a lack of tourists (many are still open year round)

We can develop an easy to run tourist area, all we need is the RESIDENTS to put up lights on their houses!

We all chip in to help our local community.

We will bring travel and tourism jobs to the area for our families, friends and acquaintances.

I would suggest that Tim HOrtons expand in Crystal Beach

we need TWO drive through’s because it’s always bottle necking on Ridgeway Rd, blocking traffic and we can smooth that over by adding a second restaurant in between the one on Sodom Rd in Stevensville (which I’d ADD more parking too if possible) there’s another bottle neck of people there.

The best way to run a drive through business is to be able to serve customers in 2 to 3 minutes.  You’ll have twice as many people drive through for that reason. Quick stop on the way home our out to work, shop or leisure car rides.

WE can also develop a spring summer flower display on the SAME festival of lights route and call that event

Crystal Ridge Festival of Flowers 🙂

This is my public proposal.  Please spread the word.

We would appreciate if local businesses would help with donations for lights, flowers for people to buy at a discount rate.

We could give our participants a “card” that registers their address onto the map.

No names would be on the map just Streets where to go for a “tour” on.

We will connect street names to local businesses so that tourists can do a travel, tour and shop, eat  a snack or meal videos. (I’ll blog those on idea girl canada youtube channel and on the idea girl canada wordpress website)

for my global tourism travel ideas I’ll blog it on the idea girl says wordpress blog which gets millions of views every year…



crystal-ridge-festival-of-lights-crystal-beach-to-ridgeway-travel-route ontario canada

by Lake Erie, Palmwood


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