Shoebox Shower New Tiles Rain Maker Shower Head Massage is AWESOME!

wp-image-1207831538jpg.jpgthe idea girl says

I Love this RAIN HEAD shower head!

It’s perfect for hot shower massages (especially for my sore back!)

I”m so happy that the landlord equipped inside and outside of the shower and toilet with safety bars.

I’m constantly losing my balance so they are GREAT to have!

The tiles are a nuisance now with black mold growing on them.

We have to use a scrub pad with comet cleanser every few weeks to get rid of the MOLD!

the tiles really ice cold on the feet!

I have two throw carpets on the floor.

I run the shower with HOT water to heat up tiles then turn the temperature down a bit!

I love hot and steamy showers!

The only problem is… MOLD.. mold mold.. I hate mold!!!



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