Community Supper Tuesdays 530- 630 sharp! Fort Erie Ont Canada


Community Supper Tuesdays 530- 630 sharp! Fort Erie Ont Canada

the idea girl says

The community luncheons and suppers serve from 50 to 110 people here in Fort Erie Ontario Canada.

Our community appreciates the lovely meals that white oak’s kitchens prepare and donate weekly.

the meal is at the Fire Station on Central Ave at Gilmore Rd in Fort Erie Ontario Canada

each Tuesday supper is from 530 pm to 600 pm, with tables to be cleared off by 630 and everyone out!

it would be NICE if they could extend the hours to a 2 hour window, 1 hour doesn’t give you much time to GAB with fellow community people, which is something that FORT ERIE residents love to do!  They like to chat, catch up with people they haven’t seen in awhile!




community meals white oaks donates chicken noodle soup, lettuce salad, bread, chicken rice mushrooms broccoli carrots cabbage

the idea girl says

this meal was my favorite one to try! 🙂

now each week we have a pasta dish, bread, salad, veggies, soup and dessert provided.

mmmm love those home made cherry, apple, pumpkin and lemon meringue pies!

squares, cookies, cakes, whichever they decide to bake, yum yum


thanks to the local church that provides several volunteers to serve everyone

coffee, tea and water is provided. milk and juice boxes for the kids.

limited table spaces, 6 to 8 per table, with about 50 to 60 seats per sitting.

check for the yearly supper, luncheons or odd breakfasts (mens) on here for the Niagara Region Ontario Canada.


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