Big TEXAS Bar & Grill Dance Club 129 Niagara Boulavard, Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada 905 871 9333


Big TEXAS Bar & Grill Dance Club 129 Niagara Boulavard, Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada


the idea girl says

I haven’t gone there yet. I’m waiting to see the reviews.  I hear they have good BIG burgers.  But it seems things on menu are not always available?

Social Media is important for any restaurant and this one doesn’t have ANY, which might be why it’s not as busy as it COULD be…

Line DANCING is BIG in the Niagara Region.  They have a Niagara Falls Ontario Canada location that seems to do better due to photos on their website, etc.

so far there are 6 reviews on TRIP ADVISOR – which is a GLOBAL around the WORLD Travel Tourism INFO site.


All say good food, not good service. Many people say you don’t have the items on your menu available, and it’s frustrating. If you are not selling enough CHICKEN, then make Chicken on CERTAIn days and if it doesn’t sell, then DONATE it to a local food bank.  Spread the word about your business helping the community out and guess what?  You will have hundreds of customers ! Seriously this is a small town, everything is spread by word of mouth here in Fort Erie because 90% of our residents do not USE or know how to USE the internet.  They can’t be bothered with it!  They have too much fun keeping active doing sports, crafts, hobbies here!

It’s a fun and busy friendly community! (most of the time!)


My ADVICE to you –

You need good service to stay open in Fort Erie. Many restaurants and retail stores seem to have this ISSUE?

please update your website!

add your menu, hours open, and events.



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