Lake erie freezes snow mountains waverly beach


the idea girl says

the view of Lake Erie off from Waverly Beach and the Friendship Trail with an orange pink, blue sky turning into a lovely sunset!


You can see the ice’s beginning to freeze about 50 to 100 feet, but it’s not solid enough to walk on.  We still have fluctuating temperatures here.





the idea girl says

metal black benches dot the snow along the Friendship Trail at Waverly Beach.  It’s too bad they don’t open the washrooms up here year round!  They should. It gets a lot of tourists.  But Today WEIRD, not a soul was there!



the idea girl says

here I’m trying out the “panoramic shot” with my cell phone camera.  It snapped 7 photos in seconds.  I did it by accident lol


the idea girl says

I love the new camera. I don’t have to hit a certain BUTTON anymore!

I can tap anywhere on the screen and it snap shots it.

It has hand motions too, I haven’t mastered that option yet!

I guess it has speech take a photo option too. I’ll be trying out my new toy once

it gets warmer out there!


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