Christmas tree fireplace Bettys restaurant memories Larry Linda Randall


The idea girl says

Harry pulls out a photo of my parents Linda Randall and Larry (Lawrence) Randall and puts it on the table, telling me he misses my mom.


I get a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat.  Jeanette our waitress stops and gasps, “is that your parents? How are they?”

I’m like, gulp, “they are both gone.  Dad died in 2004 and Mom died in 2006. I’m an orphan now. lol”


She holds up the photo, “I remember her. I’m sorry I didn’t know…”

It’s been 10 years since mom passed away! WOW! Has it really been that long?  and 12 years for Dad to be gone.. WOW!  I couldn’t believe it.  Life’s been a blur since those painful years passed …


It was really sweet of you Harry to do this for me.  We had lunch, Christmas 2015 at Betty’s Restaurant with mom and dad.  We joked about their ghosts coming to sit down with us there as it grew cold.  yes they visit me every now and then, not so much now as they did when they first left me.

I’m pretty busy so I don’t always notice them.  BAD linny!  Harry always notices them, he chats with them and tells them he’s taking good care of me still. 😉

It was cool when some of the other waitresses came out to our table to see mom and dad’s picture and share stories of them eating at their favorite restaurant.

we all laughed that my mom used to drive an hour there and back just to buy her rice pudding.  She even drove two hours to get it when they lived in Port Maitland, which is on the beaches of lake erie, just outside of Dunnville, Ontario Canada.

A trip down memory lane, a special lunch.  I can’t remember what we ATE that day but to have a Christmas TREE and a fireplace there, and to remember sitting in that room for over 49 years each Christmas time. It was a magical moment. Thanks for the memory Harry I’ll hold it dear to my heart … forever! 🙂

actually it’s 49 years plus 9 months.  Mom and DAD went there for DATES when mom was pregnant with me and BEFORE I came along, they used to go there for date lunches too!


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