Liberal Candidate Ron Planche at Salvation Army Luncheon Election Talk Sept 24 2015


Liberal Candidate Ron Planche at Salvation Army Luncheon Election Talk Sept 24 2015


the idea girl says

Liberal Candidate Ron Planche before the election giving his look on the economy, jobs, and promises to Fort Erie Residents attending this special Luncheon which was very tasty!  Thanks for the food.  Many people were “surprised” they expected to EAT right away.  Instead they had to listen to two political candidates hash it out for an hour, what they were going to do for the community.

None of it applied to the people there, which I thought was completely a waste of their and our time.

Many of the people that attending didn’t even have a clue what they were talking about.. because it did not apply to them.  Now I was there at the END of the debate, so I didn’t hear all of it, but I was very disappointed with this fact.

However if I was going to VOTE for the best presentation, I’d say hands down to Liberal Candidate Ron Planche for being gracious and well spoken.  He knew how to present his ideas in a clear and concise form.  Which would be great at a BUsiness luncheon. 🙂


Liberal Candidate  Ron Planche at Salvation Army Luncheon Election Talk Sept 24 2015

the idea girl says

two others NDP and PC didn’t make it – double booking of schedules.  and the Green Party fella, I didn’t take his picture. because he ticked most of us off.

Rhonda asked him to wrap things up because we were on a tight schedule and needed to start eating.  He brushed her off, ignored the request and kept talking…

I was NOT impressed, nor was anyone else.  He’s definitely too young to be running for a politician, since he first needs to learn some people and presentation skills.

He was awkward, and uncomfortable, and couldn’t really focus properly and answer people’s questions… He was so worked up at trying to outdo his opponent at the debate, it was obvious he was angry and worked up about it.

maybe I got it all wrong, but I walked in near the end and I could feel the TENSION coming from him as he walked by us… So My advice to him, is take a year or so off, and work as a temp with another candidate, learn the ropes, learn to be more relaxed in your presentations, and then you can start to make the differences you want to make. For now, if you continue you will only hurt your parties, goals of being reached by offending tried and true voters, and new comers to the voting tables.

PS one must always give the floor to a person in charge, even if one is NOT finished their very important speech.. It’s good manners, and proper Political protocol…

Sorry that’s my opinion, I’m a long time customer service agent, and I’m only giving you this advice because I heard and saw what was said about you… So I’m relaying this in the best way possible!  (steven soos)


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