Chicken pharmesan cheese tomato sauce homemade fries gravy Bettys restaurant

The idea girl says

I am addicted to this dishat Bettys restaurant in Niagara falls Ontario canada . they are located on Sodom rd close to Lyons creek rd just minutes from qew niagara\toronto\fort erie -peace bridge Buffalo new york USA (15min drive from peace bridge 25 mins from buffalo and Niagara falls new York airports via peace bridge rainbow bridge or Queenstown Lewiston bridge) the restaurant can serve 500  people at a time

I asked how many cooks on duty there were 7 while we were there when its not busy! Wow!

I forgot to ask how many waitresses but usually we see 7-10 when we go there.

The chicken pharmesan has cheese and a homemade spaghetti pasta sauce which has a nice memorable flavour to it. Home cut fries with tasty homemade off prime rib and beef roasts gravy . the flavour is better than your grandmas cooking lol


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