Central ave bridge construction confuses drivers

The idea girl says
Fort Erie drivers need to learn to read construction red light signs many cars ignore it and are driving into construction zone rndangering their lives other cars and the construction zone workers almost got ran over this 80+ male driver took 15  mins to back up after creating a traffic jam of 10 cars on the bridge and the truck in front of us in second red car incident with a 20yr old female driver did the same thing but while she’s trying to back up a white truck in front of us goes half way through redclight and tries to go up bridge with traffic jammed on both sides they need to close the bridge until a safer route is created either these drivers are not paying attention or they are disregarding the stop lights we saw a several cars run the red light and zoom over the construction bridge at 60kms an hour

When snow and freezing rain hit I can see a serious life threatening accident happening here and the town of fort Erie is going to be sued for creating such a possibility .

Central ave bridge needs to be closed and detour routes need to be safer the drivers refuse to obey your red light two minute eaut method I got pics to show first incident the second it was dark and the young driver backed up fast almost got rear ended by the white truck that turned left into court land street and looks like an industrial driver


So the old man backs off wrong way on bridge and tries to go up it on construction side endangering the two construction workers who didn’t even see it beside them as they were working


Ten cars or more were backed up we sat at four light changes





If they plan to keep it this way someone’s going to get hurt or even killed

They need construction flag people with walkie talkies or change it so people can just take Niagara parkway from Gilmore rd or have plain clothes police at scene and make tons of money handing out fines to the drivers that ignore or maybe they do not read and understand English?


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