100 km winds 7 foot high waves crash along lake Erie’s crystal beach the weather network, Linda RAndall, Harold Chisholm


blogger linda randall harold chisholm 100 km winds hit crystal beach ont canada 29 oct 2015

the idea girl says

filming the storm of the century!

winds over 100 km per hour were pushing us around as we try to walk and take photos

harry’s lost his favorite 15 year old HOLY hat, it was beige, I tried to throw it out in the garbage for YEARS!!!

I’m YELLING harry TAKE THAT HAT off! your gonna lose it in the WIND!

as the words left my mouth, the WIND grabbed his hat and tore it off his head, straight into the roaring 7 foot waves of Lake Erie behind the dock of the Palmwood in Crystal Beach Ontario Canada!

Harry runs down to the shoreline to get it, I’m waving my arms and screaming for him to get away so he won’t get wet or slip and fall into the churning waters of Lake Erie!

the weather network camera guy is almost getting wet and when I turn around he’s FILMING us! LOL

I don’t know if he’ll put it on TV but I’m sure since I was having a TEMPER TANTRUM and yelling at Harry to get away from the big waves, I’m sure I was making a spectacle of myself. Harry refused to budge, he tried to reach down to get the hat and I screamed at him to get away!

then the waves crashed and he realized I wasn’t over reacting like I sometimes do….

see pictures below…



the weather network films 7 foot waves crashing at crystal beach ont canada dock – photo linda randall


the weather network team filming crystal beach 100 km winds storm 29 oct 2015

the idea girl says

we WANTED to get pictures with the weather network guy but he was down on the beach interviewing some people. I didn’t wanna get sand in my hair and mouth and the winds picked up over 100 km.. I couldn’t stand very easily and I’m 190 lbs!



harry is sad, he’s lost his 15 year old beige hat 100 km winds grabbed it off his head and threw it into crystal beach lake erie waves.

the idea girl says

this is the FINAL resting place of harry’s beloved beige HOLY hat… I gave a shout and put my arm up in the Air… YES!!!! it’s finally gone.  The universe swallowed it up into the storms’  waves of Lake Erie!

Harry’s blue about losing his hat, and then when we get back in the car, he turns to me and says its YOUR FAULT! You told me to get that hat off and then it obeyed you!

Im like WHAT! I was telling you not to WEAR it in this wind, it would be taken away, and sure enough it did.  BYE BYE ugly hat, I’m glad you are gone! 🙂


7 foot waves crash along shores of crystal beach where harry lost his favourite beige HOLY hat. photo linda randall chisholm


linda randall tries to breath in 100 km winds crystal beach 29 oct 2015 SELFIE!!!

the idea girl says

100 km winds – hard to breathe lol


100 km winds linda randall selfie crystal beach ont fall wind storm 29 oct 2015

the idea girl says

linny’s happy to do selfies in the 100 km winds, really!


massive 7 foot waves hitting crystal beach rocks, the weather network photographs up close! photo – linda randall

the idea girl says

7 foot waves crash over the rock walls behind the palmwood hotel and parking lot down in crystal beach ontario canada.

see the weather network guy filming it, he’s gotta be freezing, it’s like 3 degrees high winds and he’s wearing SHORTS? 🙂


massive waves hit rock walls lake erie storm crystal beach 29 oct 2015 linda randall

the idea girl says

WAVES crashing over the docks at crystal beach, there’s a surfing guy to the left, hard to see him.


7 foot waves over 100 km winds hit lake erie shores photo linda randall

the idea girl says

surfing guy’s disappeared under the waves!


surfer in water crystal beach dock 7 foot waves 100 km wind storm 29 oct 2015 linda randall

the idea girl says

there he is struggling to come in, but waves pour over top of surfer guy lol


here’s my other blog with stories and pics on it



I also do severe weather predictions and scientific studies of geomagnetic storm activity and HAARP signals effects on geomagnetic storm cells, Hurricane, Tropical Storms paths, predictions and weather patterns, repeating geomagnetic storm cells – ocean wave levels, atmospheric pressures,  lightning, rains, hail and tornado outbreaks.



  • 287,234 hits – oct 29 2015 – idea girl severe storm predictions warnings wordpress blog.

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